Who We Are

PsychoTech, Ltd. is a privately held Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) founded in 2000. The company integrates experience in medicine, clinical practice, human clinical trials, academic research, education and business. As a Site Management Organization (SMO) and a Clinical Site associated with a Private Practice, the company conducts Human Clinical Trials as a Dedicated Research Centre (DRC) in the field of Psychiatry and Neuro-Psychiatry and also provides high-quality out-patient care services for patients with mental disorders. The organization has extensive research and educational activities. We are participating in different Research and Development (R&D) programs, national and international scientific collaborations and EU funded and US projects. The organization is working closely with the regional university and other health care providers and social services. The members of the organization also serve in different health-care settings, such as in-patient and out-patient care units, and also provide psychiatric consultations for nursing homes, elderly homes, day-care units, and self-help groups covering the entire region.


Attila Kovacs, MD

Attila Kovacs, MD is the Managing Director of Corporate and Financial Affairs at PsychoTech Ltd. He acquired medical specialization in Psychiatry, Addictology and Psychiatric Medical Rehabilitation. He was the founder of the out- and in-patient Geronto-Psychiatric Units of Pecs University. He is a Consultant Psychiatrist for several nursing homes for elderly and for patients with mental disorders. He leads a Psychiatric Private Practice, focusing on elderly psychiatric patients. Besides his diversified in-patient and out-patient care activities, as an Investigator, he has been participating in several clinical trials in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease, Schizophrenia and Affective disorders. He also served as a Collaborator in a European Union’s funded H2020 project.

Viktor Voros, MD, PhD

Viktor Voros MD, PhD, is a physician, clinical psychiatrist, and researcher. He is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Clinical Affairs in PsychoTech Ltd., a Dedicated Research Centre in the field of psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and addictology. He is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Pecs, Hungary, and also a Consultant for G3 Therapeutics, Atlanta, GA, USA, a life sciences company focused on a mission to discover novel therapeutic and diagnostic targets. He serves as Primary Investigator in clinical trials, and he is a Consultant and Advisor for different pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He has participated in national and international collaborative research programs in the field of Psychiatry and Cardiology, and also served as a Collaborator in different European Union’s funded projects. His major clinical and scientific interests are affective and psychotic disorders, ageing and dementias. He is a member of several scientific societies, and published his extensive research in different scientific journals, books and congresses.


The research team includes medical doctors (clinical psychiatrists, consultant psychiatrists, addictologist, rehabilitation specialist, psychotherapist, neurologist) as Sub-investigators, psychologists (clinical psychologist, neuro-psychologist) as Raters, scientific/academic researchers, pharmacist, research assistants, study coordinators, study nurses and IT experts.